Overwatch 2 player shows off “big brain” Orisa 1v5 strategy

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Orisa’s ultimate isn’t the strongest ultimate in Overwatch 2, but one player’s “big brain” strategy discards her need to charge the ability and gives her instant 1v5 potential.

Coming into Overwatch 2, Orisa’s rework took her from one of the most passive heroes on the roster to one of the most aggressive. With the old-school bongo ultimate out of the picture, Orisa’s power budget got shifted away from her ultimate and toward her other basic abilities.

While it’s made her a more balanced character overall, Orisa’s new ultimate is very situationally strong. If she can charge it enough, it can 1-shot most heroes in Overwatch. But it can also be entirely useless.

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However, an ingenious Overwatch 2 player has found a way to guarantee Orisa’s ultimate gets value, and, in the right circumstances, can kill the entire enemy team in one fell swoop. As long as you’re willing to make some sacrifices.

Finding the best way to use Orisa ult in Overwatch 2

Players have been experimenting with Orisa’s ultimate ever since Overwatch 2 launched, trying to find ways to make it more effective. It’s impossible to pair it with something like Zarya ultimate unless you’ve got an Echo on your team, so finding ways to keep enemies in the radius while you charge is a challenge.

Mei’s ultimate has emerged as a great option, especially with Orisa’s ultimate getting buffed to be able to penetrate shields. However, there’s an even more effective strategy that brings her ultimate to the enemy instead.

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Symettra/Orisa is an incredibly potent combo, and one that you rarely see. However, it requires you to have a Sym player on your team, something that’s relatively rare since she’s a uncommon DPS pick for most players.

Plus, relying on another hero’s ability to pull off a combo betrays the idea of 1v5ing. How can she get a fully-charged ultimate to land every time without any help?

“Big brain” Orisa strat in Overwatch 2 makes 1v5s easy

A clip was posted to reddit that showed an Orisa player using their ultimate in an even more creative way, one that took out the entire enemy team instantly. No charging required.

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By jumping off of the map and ulting next to the enemy team, you can pull all of them off the edge along with you. While this won’t guarantee a kill against more mobile characters like D.Va and Winston, it will spell doom for most of the Overwatch 2 roster.

What’s more, a commentor pointed out that it’s possible to do this combo on the Rialto map and live by jumping onto one of the boats, making this strat even more effective.

The requirement to jump off the map for this to work adds a huge risk factor, along with the possibility of looking like a complete idiot. However, the reward is well worth it in a pinch.

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The reddit thread was filled with comments calling it a “big brain” play, and rightfully so.