Overwatch 2 player shocked after jumping to Masters despite “struggling” in Gold

Michael Gwilliam
Zenyatta NYXL

An Overwatch 2 support player who was struggling to make it out of Gold has managed to rise out of ELO hell and into Masters.

No one likes to be stuck at a rank they feel they don’t belong, and one player showed that they could have been multiple SR ranges below their actual ability after a wild three days of grinding.

Overwatch 2 is a game all about winning. One’s individual performance is always nice for statistics, but at the end of the day, a win is what will get you to rank up, regardless of if you died 100 times.

After admittingly “struggling” in Gold 1, Redditor ‘MrGymsi’ was somehow able to level up in record time, skyrocketing through Platinum and Diamond all the way to Masters, leaving the community in awe.

“Struggling” OW2 player leaps from Gold to Masters in 3 days

According to the Redditor, they were having trouble trying to get out of Gold, but after finally managing to reach Plat 5, something clicked, and they just couldn’t stop ranking up.

“After clawing my way from Gold 1 to Plat 5, I suddenly stopped losing,” he wrote. “Went 30W-3L and rocketed through Plat and Diamond. I have no clue what happened.”

Going 30-3 in Plat and Diamond while having issues climbing out of Gold is certainly a wild turn of events, especially in the support role where there is less carry potential.

The community was absolutely amazed by this, while others debated if the controversial matchmaker put him against “completely disoriented players.”

“It thinks you’re surfing, so your MMR moved massively. Maintaining it will be a different story,” one user theory crafted.

“You actually trusted the process instead of getting tilted. Congrats, you worked for it,” said another. “Mental really makes or breaks the new comp system.”

“He just had luck that the enemy teams had more misplaced high people. And he is probably misplaced too now,” someone else shot back.

Whatever the case, it will be interesting to see if the player can keep his newly-earned Masters rank or if he can take things a step further and reach Grandmaster the next time he queues up in Season 4.

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