Overwatch 2 player stunned by huge rank progress despite not playing main role

Michelle Cornelia
overwatch 2 roadhog

One Overwatch 2 player was left baffled after getting a huge rank progress despite not playing their main role in Competitive.

Overwatch 2‘s Season 9 has introduced long-awaited rank changes and a “soft reset” to players’ MMR, giving competitive mode a fresh experience.

Players will still have to go through Placement Matches to see where they end up landing, but after that, they’ll be able to get their rank adjusted depending on their performance.

Regarding rank, one player was stunned when they found out that they received a huge chunk of rank progress despite not playing their main role.

Shared in a Reddit thread, the player wrote: “I’m a DPS main. I played tank today, and in both matches I played today, I got +49, ranked up in 2 games. How is this possible when I lose more points than I gain on DPS??”

Most players in the comments were baffled as to why this was possible, with some claiming that they’re barely ranking up despite performing well. However, there were some replies that pointed out why this happened to the OP.

Referring to the modifier in the image OP attached, one user mentioned that’s what “Calibration” is supposed to do. 

Winston in Overwatch 2 with Bronze rank emblem

For the uninitiated, this is one of the modifiers introduced in the latest rank changes. Modifiers allow players to check what affects their rank progress, whether it’s a win in an unfavored match, a high win-rate bonus, and so on.

“You main DPS, so you’ve played a bunch of DPS games, and the OW ranking algorithm is pretty confident at this point that it knows what rank you are supposed to be.”

They continued, “You’ve gotta win a bunch more games (on DPS) than you lose for it to think you’ve gotten better than its current estimation, hence the slow increase/decrease when you win/lose.”

According to Blizzard’s post, “Calibration” means your rank is uncertain. In OP’s case, this is likely due to them picking up a different role, resulting in the game giving them a bump to see where they truly belong or whether or not they’ll keep performing.

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