Overwatch 2 players jump from Plat to GM after devs finally reveal “true MMR”

hanzo ow2 bronze to gmBlizzard Entertainment

The big Overwatch 2 rank adjustments in Season 4 are causing some players to go all the way from Platinium to the very top of Grandmaster.

Season 4 of Overwatch 2 began with a bang. Despite a new hero in the form of Lifeweaver, and a Brigitte rework in the patch notes, the community was left stunned by the ranked updates.

When the new patch went live, plenty of players saw their rank decrease despite promises that decay would no longer be in Overwatch going forward.

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As it turns out, there were some big final ranked adjustments that needed to be made to show players’ actual SR and that meant that for a few players, they got promoted way up the ladder.

Overwatch 2 jumps players to GM all the way from Plat

In a post on Twitter, streamer Guru revealed that last season his smurf account was matching up against Top 500 players even though it was in Platinum.

To begin season 4, however, his account skyrocketed all the way to GM1 and he’s not the only one to have this happen.

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Fellow streamer Kephri reported that numerous friends of his also had their ranks adjusted and moved into GM from smurf accounts that were a lot lower than their actual skill level.

Senior Engineer Morgan Maddress discussed the changes and explained how the game should not be displaying your actual skill level based on your matchmaking rating.

“Your ranks should now reflect your true MMR,” he said. “Unless if you logged in during the first hour of the patch and we accidentally decayed S4 ranks too, that issue will resolve on that rank when you get your first rank update.”

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This means that for some, you’ll need to win 5 games to see what your actual MMR rank is, but it’s wild to see such drastic leaps on the Overwatch ladder.

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