Overwatch players discover possible Junkrat injury in OW2 redesign

Brianna Reeves
junkrat overwatch 2 design changes
Activision Blizzard

Eagle-eyed Overwatch 2 players have noticed that one of Junkrat’s design changes includes a new injury on his hand.

Jamison Fawkes, better known as Junkrat, counts among the original group of Overwatch heroes. The demolitionist’s obsession with explosives perfectly matches his affinity for chaos, making him deadly on any and all battlefields.

Junkrat’s weapons and abilities serve to demonstrate his explosive interests, as well. Notably, his weapon of choice comes in the form of a grenade launcher while traps and mines inform the character’s ability types.

Despite a few changes here and there, Junkrat in Overwatch 2 will play much like his counterpart in the 2016 hero shooter. But Blizzard still took the liberty of updating the explosive expert’s look.

Overwatch 2 fans notice something new in Junkrat’s design

junkrat overwatch 2 design
Activision Blizzard
Junkrat apparently lost a finger.

Overwatch player ItsG9blin recently created a Reddit thread questioning what may have happened to Junkrat’s finger between the first game and the upcoming sequel.

As the Redditor notes, Junkrat’s new character design now boasts what appears to be a cybernetic pointer finger on his left hand. The character previously wore no such prostheses.

Given his penchant for utilizing explosives as a preferred mode of attack, reason suggests Junkrat probably lost the finger in question during an accident of his own making.

Several other Reddit users noted as much in replies to the thread. Madgameboy brought up the fact that Junkrat previously blew off an arm and leg, for example. Meanwhile, others like 207nbrown posit one of his traps could be responsible for the missing finger.

Because he’s one of the playable heroes in Overwatch 2’s second beta, players can currently take a closer look at Junkrat’s redesign in-game. The title will release in its entirety this fall on October 4.