Devs announce Junkrat buffs for next Overwatch 2 beta

Junkrat rides into ow2 betaBlizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch 2 developers have confirmed some Junkrat changes are in the works for the upcoming second beta, and those who main the chaotic projectile hero should like what they hear.

Overwatch 2 aimed to reduce crowd control and stun abilities across the board and one ability that ended up being tweaked was Junkrat’s Trap.

In the first beta, the trap would behave similar to how it does in the original Overwatch, but instead of preventing heroes from moving completely, it would instead slow them while they’re trapped in it.

Moving into the second Overwatch 2 beta, the devs revealed that they would be reverting this and making it behave just as it does in the first game.

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Junkrat on templeBlizzard Entertainment
Junkrat is getting his trapped changed once more.

Junkrat Overwatch 2 changes revealed

During an interview with Overwatch Twitch streamers ML7 and SVB, Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman announced that Junkrat would be getting his “full” trap back.

“I think we felt it was a little more on the fair side of CC,” Goodman explained, noting how players could see and destroy the trap. “It also doesn’t completely stun you. You can still shoot and do some of your abilities to escape.”

News of the change was well-received by Junkrat players. Twitch streamer Aquamarine was especially pleased with the upgrade, thanking the developers for deciding to revert the ability.

In addition to Junkrat being changed, the developers also confirmed some upgrades to Mercy’s Super Jump, removing the need to crouch during Guardian Angel in order to pull it off.

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It will be fun to see what other plans the developers have to change up the game’s heroes, especially with new ones on the way. Expect to find out more when a special event begins later this month on June 16.