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Blizzard quietly reveal Roadhog redesign in new Overwatch 2 gameplay footage

Published: 16/Apr/2022 8:00 Updated: 16/Apr/2022 5:35

by Brad Norton


Yet another new hero redesign was subtly revealed in the latest batch of Overwatch 2 footage, as Roadhog’s fresh look was briefly on display during Blizzard’s Sojourn deep dive.

At long last, Sojourn has now been made official after months of leaks. The Overwatch 2 hero has been revealed in full, with her debut taking place in the upcoming Beta.

Though even with the spotlight focusing on the new Damage hero, Blizzard has quietly revealed a number of new designs for classic characters. To date, only 15 of the 31 original Overwatch heroes have been formally introduced in the sequel.

More often than not, when these visual overhauls come through, devs tend to make a big deal out of them. However, a number of surprise visual upgrades have just appeared in new gameplay, and Blizzard is yet to so much as acknowledge them.


Overwatch 2 Roadhog gameplay
Sojourn briefly battles with the new-look Roadhog in the latest Overwatch 2 footage.

First came a brand new look at Ashe during the Sojourn gameplay reveal trailer. Fans were quickly split on what to think of her adjusted look for the upcoming sequel. Now, there’s even more to consider as yet another hero has appeared in new threads.

Roadhog can be seen during an April 15 developer update on YouTube. While the footage once again focuses on Sojourn, a brief gameplay clip at the 5:37 mark gave us our very first look at Roadhog’s redesign.

Overwatch 2 Roadhog gameplay
Even Roadhog’s hook has been adjusted for the sequel.

This time around, Hog is wearing more than just some shoulder pads. A half-torn jacket covers much of his torso, with former yellowish patterns now replaced by a red design instead.


Furthermore, even the Tank’s trademark hook has been touched up to some degree. Gone is the silver, metallic hook from the base game, as Blizzard has gone with a sleeker, black hook for Roadhog in Overwatch 2.

Roadhog can be seen in action at the 5:37 timestamp below.

There’s no telling why the devs opted for this subtle reveal compared to the usual strategy of promoting hero redesigns. It’s also unclear why Roadhog was chosen for the clip over any of the remaining characters we’re yet to see in the sequel.

Perhaps it’s due to his progress, with the revamped Roadhog having been in a playable state since October of last year. We’ll have to wait and see which hero comes up next as the Overwatch 2 Beta draws near.