Overwatch 2 devs quietly add missing Junker Queen statue on Ilios after months of waiting

Jeremy Gan

Overwatch 2 devs have finally added the promised Junker Queen statue to Ilios after months of waiting by fans, after first teasing the feature back in Season 2’s event. 

Overwatch fans might be very familiar with the taste of undelivered promises of late, especially amid a string of blows surrounding now-scrapped PvE experiences. However, devs have finally delivered on one particular promise, though months after its first mention.

In Season 2’s Battle of Olympus event, devs promised that whichever hero got the most kills in the Seasonal mode would get their very own statue in Ilios. Naturally, the battle for who would ultimately get the statue was fierce. However, Junker Queen would go on to win it out

Yet after the event wrapped up, Season 3 went through and Season 4 came in, all without a peep from the devs. There was still no sight of Junker Queen’s statue in Ilios in future roadmaps either. Though the statue has finally been added, with no fanfare whatsoever.

A May 17 patch aimed just to fix a few bugs, namely a bug that shakes the screen while healing an enemy. However, the devs seemingly stealth-dropped the statue onto Ilios in this update, with no mention of it in the patch notes. 

It was first spotted by u/TheRealArchon on the Competitive Overwatch subreddit with a screenshot of it provided. And naturally, the community was excited by the fact it had finally arrived. 

“That’s f***ing massive holy balls” a player commented on the absolute size of the statue. Others also joking, “I must pre-emptively apologize to all future teammates on Ilios, I will be too distracted by the giant statue of the buff woman to bother with the point.” 

Others bemoaned that their hero choice didn’t make it through. “Forever mourning the potential Pharah statue,” a player said. With another player who wanted Roadhog to win saying, “I want to see Hog’s fat a** out there, disrupting weather patterns.”

And of course, others pointed fun at Blizzard for delivering the statue while promised PvE aspects have since been scrapped. “This statue is the actual reason we don’t have skill trees.” 

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