Overwatch 2 players left wondering what happened to promised Ilios Junker Queen statue

Zeus Junker Queen mythic skin in Overwatch 2Blizzard

Overwatch 2 players are wondering what has happened to the statue of Junker Queen promised to them after the hero had the most takedowns during the Battle of Olympus event.

Overwatch 2 generally offers content to their players in the form of seasonal releases such as battle passes and new heroes. However, occasionally Blizzard releases events within the hero shooter, oftentimes introducing a new custom game mode alongside to celebrate the theme of the given event.

One such event we received in the earlier days of Overwatch 2 was the Battle for Olympus. This major activity took place during Season 2 and fit with the season’s Greek Mythology theme. Within this event, players were introduced to a limited-time deathmatch featuring heroes with augmented abilities.

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One key feature of this particular mode, however, was the promise of a unique prize. The hero that performed the most takedowns during the event’s duration would then receive a statue of them to be immortalized on the Ilios: Ruins map.

The Australian tank Junker Queen ended up taking home the most eliminations throughout the game mode, and would therefore receive a statue of herself to be placed on the map permanently. At least, that’s what Blizzard promised at the time. Unfortunately, two seasons later it appears that has yet to happen, as Overwatch 2 players have been left wondering when the statue will be created in the hero’s likeness.

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Overwatch players confused about arrival of Junker Queen statue

Some players have created Overwatch forum posts asking about the statue, wondering when it will be delivered to the live servers of the game. Unfortunately, their questions have been left unanswered, with Overwatch 2 content creator bogur now pondering the missing statue as well.

Many echoed bogur’s question, with the comments criticizing Blizzard for not delivering on their promise to the community just yet.

“I guess modeling a single statue is too much work for a team of 100 or so people to finish in a timely manner.” one comment stated.

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Others poked fun at the slow delivery of the content, similar to the delay of Overwatch 2’s PvE modes, “It’s right on schedule just like the PVE” another added.

These questions all come with the return of the event right around the corner, with the limited-time death match mode scheduled to reemerge in Season 4. Blizzard has yet to announce if players may see the statue appear with the game modes return, nor have they provided any updates to the community about the production of the statue.

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