Overwatch 2 devs set to immortalize best-performing hero in unique way on Ilios

Overwatch 2 Ilios mapBlizzard

During the Battle for Olympus event in Overwatch 2, Blizzard is set to immortalize the best-performing hero with their very own shiny statue on Ilios.

With Overwatch 2 now entering its first full year on the market after an early access launch in October 2022, Blizzard is set to kick things off with a bang through the arrival of an all-new event.

For the first time since the sequel arrived, players are being treated to an entirely original event, not one that featured in the original game. The Battle for Olympus limited-time mode is set to go live on January 5, bringing with it new skins, new rewards, and a unique playlist exclusive to the event, one that sees heroes charged up with powerful god-like abilities.

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However, throughout the festivities, fans can also contribute to a bigger cause. Developers have just subtly announced an intriguing aspect of the event that’s set to immortalize the best-performing hero with a custom statue on Ilios.

“Stay on the lookout for our global leaderboard,” an announcement reads in the YouTube description of the latest event trailer. Soon clarified on Twitter, this particular leaderboard doesn’t appear to be arriving in-game itself but with instead be shared through updates on Stories across Instagram and Facebook.

This particular leaderboard doesn’t track individual performance nor player skill of any kind. Instead, it focuses on heroes with the most eliminations in the Battle for Olympus game mode. For instance, if Roadhog happens to be the most-played hero over the next few weeks, there’s a good chance he’ll have the most kills under his belt when all is said and done.

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The character with the most eliminations overall will “be honored with a statue in Ilios.” Exactly how this statue is decided remains somewhat unclear, however. Due to the specific phrasing of the announcement, it could mean one of two things.

On one hand, we might see a statue on Illios only during the event, one that rotates through different heroes as new leaders emerge. Or, perhaps the more favorable option, it could mean the final, overall winner gets a permanent statue in Ilios that exists long after the event concludes.

We’ll have to wait and see just how it all comes together but with a common goal during the event, expect to see plenty of the same heroes in your Battle for Olympus matches.

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