Overwatch 2 devs planning return of “On Fire” system with new overhaul

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Overwatch 2 devs have teased the return of a revamped “On Fire” system, previously missing from the game. 

When Overwatch 2 released, it was missing many quality-of-life features the first game had, such as end-game statistics displayed after a match, reputation levels no longer being displayed above a player’s name, and the On Fire system also nowhere to be seen. 

After two seasons, however, Blizzard has finally acknowledged the missing feature and announced its plans for a return soon. 

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In a blog post recapping Season 2, the devs teased a complete revamp of the system in a future update. Although they mentioned it is still in early development at the moment, thus, there’s no telling if it will arrive in time for Season 3 or further down the line.

The On Fire system in the first game was used to indicate a player who was performing well. It would increase based on eliminations, allies healed, objectives captured, and objectives denied. 

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A player’s On Fire status would be shown on the team summary mid-match, and Time Spent On Fire was a measured stat that could get the player the match MVP.

The announcement of the On Fire system returning comes as Overwatch 2 gears up to bring back various missing features and modes from the first game which were missing from its release.

Such as the fan favorite Workshop Mode which allowed players to create their own maps and game modes and share them with other players, and even Credits coming back to the game with more usage, as during the transition they were converted into Legacy Credits.

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