Overwatch 2 dev wants to introduce more of D.Va’s MEKA Squad teammates

overwatch 2 dev wants more meka squad members

Overwatch 2 fans aren’t the only ones hoping that more MEKA Squad members will join the fun. A Blizzard developer has said they, too, would like to see D.Va’s squadmates added to the mix.

D.Va counts among the most fascinating characters in Overwatch, operating as the pilot of a weaponized mech suit and professional gamer.

Notably, she’s also a member of South Korea’s Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army (MEKA), a militarized force initially established to thwart a robotic uprising.

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While about half a dozen other MEKA squadmates exist in Overwatch canon, D.Va remains the only playable character of the bunch. Series faithful hold out hope that this will change with the upcoming sequel.

Overwatch 2 devs also want more playable MEKA heroes

overwatch d.vaBlizzard Entertainment
Blizzard devs would love to have other MEKA characters become playable.

The Overwatch 2 crew recently hosted an AMA on Reddit wherein team members fielded dozens of questions from curious fans. One such question pondered the potential of other MEKA characters joining the fun.

Reddit user Simp4Dmon asked whether Blizzard had “future plans” to add MEKA heroes like D.mon as playable heroes. Blizz_JNoh responded shortly thereafter, telling the fan that there are “no official plans at the moment.”

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However, the developer said they would “love” to bring more folks from MEKA Squad to Overwatch 2.

For now, at least, it’s clear that D.Va will remain the only MEKA team member on the Overwatch roster. It does not seem as though all hope is lost, however. Perhaps other Blizzard developers similarly want to see other mech pilots enter the fray.

Currently, the Overwatch community patiently awaits the release of the sequel’s second beta, which goes live on June 28.

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Blizzard will host the new beta test through July 19 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

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