Overwatch 2 devs finally acknowledge Tracer’s girlfriend in-game & tease more lore to come

Jeremy Gan

Overwatch 2 has finally acknowledged Tracer’s girlfriend in-game, and a dev has also teased more lore to come in the near future. 

Ever since the release of Overwatch 2, players have been long bemoaning the lack of new lore, an aspect of the game many loved through the first game’s PvE experiences. Overwatch’s lore goes surprisingly deep, however, we’re yet to see much of it come to fruition within the game itself.

Things appear to be slowly changing in Season 4 though, as the new Starwatch event not only showed signs of a potential PvE element, it even included a range of new lore for the skins and a comic book to top it off.

Included in the latest mid-season patch, we also saw one thing in particular for avid fans to be excited about as Blizzard finally acknowledged Tracer’s girlfriend in-game. 

Lead narrative designer for Overwatch, Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie, teased that there was a new addition in one of the maps. And in under an hour, fans spotted it. In Gibraltar, Twitter user ‘ClearTogether’ found a picture of Tracer and her girlfriend, Emily, at the hero quarters.

Emily was first introduced as Tracer’s girlfriend in the London Calling comics, and she now finally makes an appearance (albeit a small one) in the game. Emily has been mentioned before in a voice line, but this is her first visual appearance in the game. 

The room also got a few visual updates, with Mei’s and Tracer’s names written on a chest, signifying whose bed is whose. 

In addition, Gavin further teased that “there is secret lore about the blankets”. And that it will be revealed at a later date. 

Although he did imply it may not be the most important lore reveal in the world in the comments. “Is it lore that reveals the future of Overwatch? No.” he said bluntly

“Is it important to PvE? No. Is it important to me, personally? Critically.”