Overwatch 2 dev unveils insane Mythic Genji AR filter

New Mythic Genji Overwatch 2 skin.Blizzard

Overwatch Commercial Leader Jon Spector debuted an unbelievable new Genji AR filter that brings the ninja to real life with a signature Mythic style.

Overwatch 2 is now out in the world and fans are experiencing the full force of the long-awaited sequel for the first time. While the game itself is bringing a lot of all-new content to the table, there’s also a lot happening outside the virtual battleground as well.

One small part of that is the debut of a new filter that lets Genji mains feel what it would be like to step into the lifestyle of the one they used to call Sparrow.

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Overwatch 2 fans react to one-of-a-kind Mythic Genji AR filter

This new AR filter was shown off in a tweet from Spector who enlisted some special help to show off an early build of the tech and to talk a little about Overwatch 2.

“Big day today! Called in a major influencer (my 4-year-old daughter) to get the word out about #Overwatch2 while testing an early internal version of our Mythic Genji AR filter,” he announced.

Fans chimed in with appreciation for the adorable debut of this filter and some even used it to make some lighthearted jokes about the franchise.

“To think people said Overwatch 2 had no marketing, this is top-tier content,” OW community mainstay Zenofy commented.

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This might not be the exact things players had in mind when imagining what kind of new features would be showing up in the sequel to the beloved hero-shooter, but it’s so impressively made that it likely won’t take long for them to get behind the idea and try it out once it’s released to the public.