Overwatch 2 price cuts for Black Friday leaves players conflicted

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Blizzard Entertainment’s currently running Black Friday sale for Overwatch 2 has divided the community, with many arguing that the move doesn’t deserve praise.

The prices of cosmetics in Overwatch 2 have bewildered even the most dedicated of fans since the sequel’s launch in October.

One user on Reddit ran the numbers and found that new players looking to buy every Overwatch 1 cosmetic could expect to spend approximately $12,000. Calling this egregious doesn’t even begin to cover the issue.

Some have even called for the return of loot boxes, anything to rid Overwatch 2 of its Battle Pass and high-priced microtransactions. Notably, the ongoing Black Friday sale has kicked this conversation into high gear yet again.

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Overwatch 2’s Black Friday sale doesn’t deserve praise, fans say

Blizzard has reduced the prices of OW2’s in-game items for Black Friday. For example, users can temporarily purchase the Watchpoint Pack for $23.99, 40 percent off the usual asking price of $39.99.

It’s not a bad deal considering the pack’s contents of the current Battle Pass, Kiriko access, 2,000 Overwatch Coins, and more.

Players don’t think the limited-time price drops are cause for applause, however. Reddit user nicoftf thinks the usually over-the-top prices were set so that “if [Blizzard] cut them down, [it] would be praised by everyone, and that seems to be happening.”

The post even links to another Redditor who predicted as much just weeks after Overwatch 2’s release. 

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Other players pointed out that this marks a temporary discount and not a permanent price drop as implied by the original post.

However, many maintain that Blizzard isn’t exactly playing “4D chess” here. “They set the prices that high because they know the whales will buy them anyways, and they absolutely do,” one person wrote.

Some are still willing to combat the pricing model, though, believing that resisting will eventually convince Blizzard to permanently lower the cost of cosmetics.