New Overwatch Workshop mode makes Reaper’s Wraith Form way more useful

. 3 years ago
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch streamer DarwinStreams has created a Workshop mode that adds another dimension to Reaper’s Wraith ability that allows him to pass through walls when using it.

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Reaper’s Wraith Form turns the hero into a shadow for up to three seconds, while increasing his movement speed by 50 percent and prevents him from taking any damage while active as well.

Even though it makes Reaper significantly quicker, he’s still stopped by barriers of the Physical plane like walls, so DarwinStreams decided to make Wraith Form much more appropriate for an actual ghost.

Blizzard Entertainment
No one is safe from Reyes now.
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Wraith Form: New and Improved

Darwin’s mod allows Reaper to now pass through walls when using Wraith Form, which adds a ton of possibilities as well as new strategies and potential uses for the hero.

According to the streamer the new Wraith Form is a lot of fun to play around with and finally being able to pass through walls with Reaper is strangely satisfying.

His new ability allows Reaper to get out of spawn quicker, sure, but the real advantage comes on offense. He can attack from almost any angle now in Wraith Form, so no backline could really be considered safe.

The most satisfying looking part of this update though, is being able to phase through a wall and then unleash Death Blossom on an unsuspecting team.

For players who want to try Wraithing through walls with Reaper the code is: DY7MH.

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The Workshop: Make your own Overwatch

Overwatch’s Workshop mode came out on April 24 and since then players have come out with all kinds of content, including awesome new abilities for existing heroes.

Besides Reaper, players have given Zenyatta a nice new passive to his jump and upgraded Widowmaker’s Venom Mine with some tech straight from Rainbow Six Siege.

The Workshop is still only available on the Public Test Region (PTR) for PC players at the moment, but developers have said it will become available to console players as well, but haven’t given an indication as to exactly when it will happen.

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