New Overwatch Practice Range is everything you need to rank up

Brad Norton
Blizzard - Overwatch
Blizzard - Overwatch

If you’re struggling to climb the competitive ladder in Overwatch, this new Practice Range could be everything you need to master certain heroes and get the leg up on your opponents.

Exceptional aim can only get you so far in Blizzard’s team-based hero shooter. With 31 playable characters currently in the game, there’s a great deal of variation across every map and countless abilities to be wary of in the midst of combat.

Quickplay is a decent way to get comfortable before loading into a competitive match, however, it can often be quite difficult to practice very specific scenarios without having a full team. Fortunately, Workshop mode is here to completely overhaul the way you warm-up  in Overwatch.

Blizzard - Overwatch
Blizzard - Overwatch
The standard Practice Range can only help veteran players so much. This new Workshop mode is sure to test even the highest-ranked players however.

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While shooting defenseless robots is certainly a good way to warm up your aim on hitscan heroes or even grow familiar with various Ultimates, the Practice Range 2.2 update from PMAJellies ramps up the difficulty and provides a number of unique practice methods. While the original Workshop creation was released in December 2019, a number of activities have since been refined and fresh additions have taken the mode to an entirely new level.

Take Sombra’s EMP for instance. A potentially game-changing Ultimate, her EMP is able to nullify an entire team for a brief period, enabling all sorts of follow-up damage and easy eliminations. What if you were able to expertly predict the location of the invisible hacker and shut down the Ultimate before it takes effect?

This Practice Range Workshop mode allows for just that kind of experience in one of the many included features. With an opposing Sombra standing overhead, once the specific activity is triggered, the AI challenges you to rely on audio cues and react fast enough to prevent the inevitable EMP. An incredibly powerful trick to master that could outright win team-fights with enough practice.

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DPS heroes often take up the majority of a practice session so that gamers can refine their aim and feel sharp right before a match. However, Tanks are able to share in the warm-up love better than ever before thanks to this Workshop mode.

Reinhardt’s Earthshatter is often used at a random moment to catch an opposing team with their shields down. A new inclusion in Practice Range 2.2 allows you to perfect the art of blocking the area-of-effect ability and negating the stun. 

From lifting Rein’s very own shield at the perfect moment to placing Sigma’s barrier in the blink of an eye, practicing this Tank-exclusive feature is sure to prevent any Earthshatters from ruining your day in the near future.

Blizzard - Overwatch
Blizzard - Overwatch
Whether you’re a Bronze player or just on the edge of Master, this mode will get you ready for for your next win.

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From perfecting the timing of Mei and Genji’s defensive abilities, to healing Pharah in the sky with well-placed shots from Baptiste, this updated Practice Range provides a wide array of tools to help you master your favorite heroes.

Additionally, thanks to a recent update, you’re actually able to engage with this exceptional Workshop mode while searching for a match, meaning you can be sharper than ever the moment you load into a high-ranked lobby.