Throw down in Lucio’s Pro Skater Overwatch Workshop mode

Bill Cooney

Twitch streamer Overwatch Workshop mode and his latest creation finally lets Lucio shred to his heart’s content.

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Lucio’s aptly named “Wallride” passive allows him to cruise along walls instead of just running and provides a lot of extra mobility for the support hero.

For ages, Lucio players have just been looking for a way to just surf some walls in peace without anything like rules, objectives or annoying DPS to harsh their mellow.

DarwinStreams decided to give Lucio mains everywhere a gift with his new mode that’s entirely focused on wallriding.

Blizzard Entertainment“Can’t stop, won’t stop.”

“I could do this all day!”

Darwin’s mode might have the best name possible for a Lucio skating game “Lucio’s Pro Skater”, there may be some copyright issues with it but as far as we know Activision doesn’t really care about Overwatch Workshop names, yet.

In Lucio’s Pro Skater, players use primary fire to spin around, W and A to move up and down on the wall and use his Boop to propel himself upward.

Players can score points by spinning in mid-air (more points for more spins), jumping from wall to wall, Booping themselves up and even from saying hello.

Darwin himself simply describes it as “A chill mode, just to have fun as a bunch of Lucios.” Which is all Lucio players really want anyway.

For players who want to test their shredding skills out in Lucio’s Pro Skater, the code is: QFQM0.

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An Overwatch Workshop pro

DarwinStreams may hold the record for most original Overwatch Workshop modes created since the feature became available on the PTR.

He’s made everything from an Overwatch fighting game to giving Reinhardt his own Shield Bash (take that Brigitte) and even made D.Va’s Defense Matrix eat enemy heroes.

We don’t know what Darwin is planning on making in the Workshop next but fans can tune into his Twitch stream, where he makes all his Workshop masterpieces, to find out.

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