Workshop mode could be the best Overwatch fighting game yet

Bill Cooney

Workshop master Overwatch fighting games yet.

Overwatch as a fighting game has been an idea that fans have tossed around almost since it came out, which makes sense, because the game’s roster of colorful heroes would fit right in to a fighting game format.

Thus, Workshop guru DarwinStreams decided to make a game mode to see what would happen if Overwatch and Soul Calibur had an awesome lovechild.

Overwatch – but it’s a fighting game

Darwin named his Overwatch fighting mode ‘Overfight,’ and the current version features Doomfist, Reinhardt, Winston, Genji and Torbjorn as playable heroes.

There are also a number of original special moves heroes can pull off, including one for Reinhardt called ‘Reincopter’ that reminds us a lot of an xQc suggestion for the hero from 2018.

Each hero is able to activate a “Fatality-style” animation to finish off one-hit opponents in style (although, it’s strongly advised that players don’t push any buttons while the animations are active).

“I really wanted to make a fighting mode for OW, since so many characters fit well,” Darwin said about the mode. “This mode is pretty massive and still has a lot of imperfections and bugs, [but] I will keep fixing things, improving balance and adding new heroes.”

Darwin also suggested players switch their movement keybindings from WSAD to DAWS to make gameplay more comfortable.

For players who want to try out Darwin’s awesome-looking ‘Overfight’ game, the code is: Z5XK2.

Workshop Mode: a whole new Overwatch?

Since the Workshop mode came out there have been a ton of original content created by players, of which DarwinStreams can claim a sizeable chunk, but it could be just the tip of the iceberg for new Overwatch content this year.

The new Replay mode is still on the PTR, but has been on player’s wish lists especially since it was available for a limited time during the 2018 Overwatch World Cup.

With the Replay mode coming to the main game soon, and even more new Overwatch content coming in 2019, according to Director Jeff Kaplan, 2019 could be a very big year for the game and it’s players.

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