Los Angeles Valiant player gets eight kills on Widowmaker in less than 10 seconds

Blizzard Entertainment

There are good Widowmaker plays, and then there are Widowmaker plays that seem too good to be true, and this eight-person killstreak from the Valiant’s Young-seo “KariV” Park during a custom game is definitely the second kind.

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Playing in a custom Widowmaker-only match on Chateau Guillard, Kariv begins knocking out opponents and doesn’t stop through the whole clip.

What makes this most impressive, though, is that KariV connects on all headshots, which could be because it was a headshot-only mode, but it’s made even more impressive because some of his opponents are flying through the air as he does.

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KariV has been with the Valiant since the beginning of the Overwatch League, and got a few chances to display his Widowmaker prowess during the season, but nothing like this.

The scary part is, this was probably just practice for KariV warming up for competitive play, even though he mostly plays support, his Widow skills are nothing to laugh at.

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All signs point to KariV sticking with the Valiant for Season Two of the Overwatch League, where he’ll have even more chances, hopefully, to show off his Widow skills.

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The fact that this is during a custom game doesn’t take away from the skills and reaction time it takes to kill eight players in a row, even in a headshot-only match.

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