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This Overwatch player managed to break a Junkenstein’s Revenge cutscene

Published: 19/Oct/2018 21:50 Updated: 19/Oct/2018 22:10

by Bill Cooney


If Overwatch players want to skip the cutscenes in Junkenstein’s Revenge, all they have to do is hit a perfectly placed, perfectly timed sleep dart with Ana, like Reddit user WargWrestler managed to do recently.

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Even though it took them more than 50 attempts to hit the shot, WargWrestler said they were disappointed because the replay didn’t show what happened to him originally during the game.

During the game, they said, the cutscene started with Mercy getting hit by the dart, then flipped around to show the castle, the glitch also froze WargWrestler for a few seconds in the video, but none of his teammates seem affected.


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It’s a shot that takes such on-the-dot timing that it’s pretty impressive it only took WargWrestler a little more than 50 tries to hit.

It seems like something that could be done again, but there don’t seem to be too many players lining up to grind it out and try.

Apparently absolutely nailing a sleep dart in Junkenstein’s Revenge breaks the cut scene from r/Overwatch

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Players have been messing around in Junkenstein’s Revenge since it came out with the Halloween Terror update, things like spawning in tons of bots to pull of insane ultimate kills, for instance.

So far Mercy is the only enemy in the PvE mode with video evidence showing what happens when her cutscene is cut short, so it’s unknown if sleep darts to other enemies produces similar effects.