Inescapable Overwatch 2 bug traps players in spawn for over an hour 

Overwatch 2 negative balance headerBlizzard Entertainment

One of the newest bugs in Overwatch 2 is blocking players in the spawn point and as a result, creating game’s of Overwatch that are unable to be completed.

The launch of Overwatch 2 has been full of bugs, glitches and server issues. And while developer Blizzard have released multiple patches and updates since launch to help combat these issues, players are still reporting new issues with the game.

Most recently, one Overwatch player posted on the game Reddit about a glitch that saw one game break during overtime, with the enemy team also getting stuck in the spawn area and unable to go through the initial barrier.

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The poster attached a video of the game detailing the issue and why the match was unable to be completed. In addition to this, another player “from the other side” of the game was quick to comment, stating that they were “still going strong after 50 minutes.”

The game eventually ended and shut down “for lasting too long.” However, it is unclear how long the game went for before it was shut down given that new players were able to spawn in whenever someone left.

Other Overwatch players in the thread have commented that they have had similar problems and issues when it comes to the game glitching out in overtime and being unable to be completed properly.

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Despite these initial bugs and issues, Overwatch 2 has been a massive hit on launch in regards to the amount of players logging in. The game has already hit 25 million players despite only having gone live less than a month ago. These numbers almost triple the peak amount of the initial Overwatch game.

And with the Overwatch 2 Halloween event around the corner, these numbers might continue to grow despite the rocky launch.