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How Moira’s Fade buff interacts with other Overwatch abilities

Published: 24/Jul/2020 22:18

by Michael Gwilliam


Moira’s Experimental changes added in the July 23 Overwatch patch have been extremely controversial, in part due to how they interact with other heroes.

The Fade rework now makes it so that teammates near Moira will become immune from any damage for one second and are cleansed of any status effects when she comes out of Fade.

Due to the overwhelming power of this new technique, there’s a lot of possible interactions to go over. Luckily, YouTuber Niandra made a concise video evaluating the new Fade and how it works with other heroes.

For one, there are some line of sight limitations. Allies behind enemy barriers will not be receiving the benefits of Fade, so it’s something to keep in mind if you’re trying to save them.

Moira in her Lunar skin
Blizzard Entertainment
Moira’s changes give Fade way more utility.

Next, the Fade can actually grief some allies, as it will cause Mercy’s beam and Zenyatta’s Harmony Orb to be disconnected. However, Brigitte’s Repair Pack and Inspire are not affected.

Teammates who get lifted up by Sigma’s Gravitic Flux won’t take damage when they land. However, it’s best for Moira to be lifted with the team due to the six-meter radius.

Similarly, Moira can let teammates just walk out of a Zarya Graviton Surge, but she may need to Fade into the Grav to be with the allies caught in it.

Moving onto status effects, Fade will cleanse Mei’s freeze, Widowmaker’s Venom Mine, Ana’s Biotic Grenade, Ashe’s Dynamite and Zenyatta’s Discord Orb.

Amusingly, allies in Junkrat’s Trap or hacked by Sombra will remain stuck or unable to use their abilities, even if they’re Faded into.

Meanwhile, if a Tracer lands a Pulse Bomb or Echo connects with Sticky Bombs onto an ally, Fade will cause them to simply drop to the ground.

The amount of counterplay this new Fade has is absolutely unreal, and it’s resulted in some major backlash from the community. While it’s uncertain if the change will actually make the live game, understanding what it does can help immensely if you’re playing on the Experimental Mode.


Overwatch League’s only female pro Geguri released by Shanghai Dragons

Published: 26/Oct/2020 5:00

by Brad Norton


The Overwatch League’s first and only female player, Kim ‘Geguri’ Se-yeon, has officially been released by the Shanghai Dragons after three seasons with the Chinese organization.

Geguri has made plenty of history throughout her time in competitive Overwatch. Not only was she the first female to crack into the South Korean APEX tournament, but she broke new ground as the first female to reach the Overwatch League in 2018.

Geguri joined the struggling Shanghai Dragons in an equally historic season. Despite having close calls multiple times, the lineup failed to win a single series in the inaugural year of competition, finishing with a 0-40 record.

With endless support from the community and a few upgrades over the offseason, Geguri and the Dragons turned things around. The team finished in 11th place during the 2019 playoffs before launching to third place in the 2020 finals.

However, her time under the Shanghai banners has now come to an end.

Overwatch League Geguri
Geguri quickly became a fan-favorite in the Overwatch League with her unique Off-Tank playstyle.

Geguri’s run with the Dragons spans three seasons and a total of 32 months. The South Korean off-tank rose to fame with her unique aim across heroes like D.Va and Zarya; aim that even came under question by others that accused her of cheating early into her career. Evidently, these claims were proven false through her time on stage.

The announcement of her release from the org came on October 25 alongside four other teammates. “I am so sorry that today is a sad day,” General Manager Yang Van said in the official statement. “Diya, Geguri, DDing, diem, and Luffy will leave as free agents after the expiration of their contracts.”

While the Shanghai roster is being rebuilt like many others this offseason, it appears as though Geguri isn’t stepping away from competition. In fact, all five players seem eager to play more than ever before. Leaving the team in order to seek out starting roles in the league.

“We fully understand and respect their desire for more opportunities in matches and we are quite sure that they will be able to have great performances in OWL,” Van said. “We will continuously help them to find a new team as they enter a new stage in their esports career.”

So while you won’t be seeing Geguri in the red and black jersey next year, she may still ink a deal with another OWL franchise. The Off-Tank expert didn’t play a map in 2020, though with so many roster shuffles this offseason, she may just find a new home soon.

Only time will tell where Geguri ends up. Be sure to keep your eyes glued to our offseason hub over the coming weeks for any updates.