How Moira’s Fade buff interacts with other Overwatch abilities

Michael Gwilliam
Moira's Halloween Overwatch skin

[jwplayer p9g5um21]Moira’s Experimental changes added in the July 23 Overwatch patch have been extremely controversial, in part due to how they interact with other heroes.

The Fade rework now makes it so that teammates near Moira will become immune from any damage for one second and are cleansed of any status effects when she comes out of Fade.

Due to the overwhelming power of this new technique, there’s a lot of possible interactions to go over. Luckily, YouTuber Niandra made a concise video evaluating the new Fade and how it works with other heroes.

For one, there are some line of sight limitations. Allies behind enemy barriers will not be receiving the benefits of Fade, so it’s something to keep in mind if you’re trying to save them.

Moira in her Lunar skin
Moira’s changes give Fade way more utility.

Next, the Fade can actually grief some allies, as it will cause Mercy’s beam and Zenyatta’s Harmony Orb to be disconnected. However, Brigitte’s Repair Pack and Inspire are not affected.

Teammates who get lifted up by Sigma’s Gravitic Flux won’t take damage when they land. However, it’s best for Moira to be lifted with the team due to the six-meter radius.

Similarly, Moira can let teammates just walk out of a Zarya Graviton Surge, but she may need to Fade into the Grav to be with the allies caught in it.

Moving onto status effects, Fade will cleanse Mei’s freeze, Widowmaker’s Venom Mine, Ana’s Biotic Grenade, Ashe’s Dynamite and Zenyatta’s Discord Orb.

Amusingly, allies in Junkrat’s Trap or hacked by Sombra will remain stuck or unable to use their abilities, even if they’re Faded into.

Meanwhile, if a Tracer lands a Pulse Bomb or Echo connects with Sticky Bombs onto an ally, Fade will cause them to simply drop to the ground.

The amount of counterplay this new Fade has is absolutely unreal, and it’s resulted in some major backlash from the community. While it’s uncertain if the change will actually make the live game, understanding what it does can help immensely if you’re playing on the Experimental Mode.

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