Hilarious Overwatch 2 bug leaves Orisa players in an eternal spin

overwatch 2 orisaBlizzard

Overwatch 2’s newest season has caused a new bug for Orisa that results in her ultimate being unable to recast, leaving players in quite the spin.

Overwatch 2 has had its fair share of bugs in its time. With heaps of heroes, maps, and interactions, it’s only fair that a bug would occur every so often. Especially with the release of the newest season, Blizzard seems to have left some loose ends within the patch.

Whilst the third season of Overwatch 2 brought a whole bunch of new content, it also seemingly brought in a couple of bugs that have been causing quite a stir. Outside of the new map, the new battle pass, and the rework of heroes like Mercy, the latest season has its own fair share of bugs as well.

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Overwatch 2 players have recently discovered the newest bug, which unfortunately can be rather game-breaking. The newest issue occurs when playing Orisa and specifically has to do with her ultimate in certain parts of the map.

The bug seemingly stops the player from being able to recast their ultimate, which is supposed to unleash a devastating blow to everyone around her, as the first cast has her pull everyone in.

The bug seems to prevent this second step and cause Orisa to slide up and down occasionally whilst spinning her Javelin. However, this also means the player is completely locked in place, as Orisa can’t do anything while channeling her ultimate. This causes players to sit there helplessly stuck channeling, essentially breaking the game for them.

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The only way to solve this bug is to quite literally die, as nothing else seems to fix the issue. This means players that are stuck with this bug will need to politely ask the enemy if they can come and murder them, or else they’ll be stuck there for the rest of the match, or at least until they’re kicked.

It seems that the bug occurs when Orisa is standing on an uneven form of terrain, which is unfortunate as uneven terrain can be quite common in Overwatch 2’s many maps.

We’re yet to see if Blizzard has a fix for this hilarious bug as of yet, but until then it appears Orisa players will have to keep on spinning.

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