Happi Genji Overwatch League skin: How to unlock

Happi Genji Overwatch skinBlizzard

The Overwatch League is celebrating its own Summer Showdown in style with the legendary Happi Genji skin. Here’s how you can unlock this new cosmetic. 

Overwatch League 2022 is offering players the opportunity to unlock the new Happi Genji skin. This Summer Showdown-themed cosmetic gives the cybernetic swordsman a more relaxed look, one that reflects what he’d wear at summer festivals in his hometown.

Genji is one of the most popular Overwatch characters in the game, so this skin will likely prove incredibly popular. So, if you’re wondering how to unlock the Happi Genji Overwatch League skin, then our handy guide has you covered.

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How to unlock Happi Genji Overwatch League skin?

Happi Genji Overwatch skinBlizzard
Happi Genji is the latest summer-themed Overwatch skin.

The Happi Genji Overwatch League skin is available now until November 15, 2022. Players can purchase the cosmetic for 200 League Tokens, which can be earned by watching live Overwatch League broadcasts. 

In order to get Overwatch League Tokens, simply follow the simple instructions outlined below: 

  1. Create a Battle.net account or sign in.
  2. Link your YouTube Account with your Battle.net Account via this link
  3. Watch Overwatch League streams live while signed in with a linked account to earn rewards.

It’s important to note that all rewards must be redeemed by December 31, 2022. Tournament-specific team remix skins will also go on sale later this year and will cost 200 League Tokens each. Make sure you remember to claim all your in-game items to avoid any disappointment.

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So, there you have it, everything you need to do to unlock the Happi Genji skin in Overwatch. For more Overwatch news and guides, check out our page for all the latest content.