Hanamura could be Overwatch’s most balanced map

Bill Cooney

Overwatch enthusiast Owlero has discovered that the two different routes from Hanamura’s spawn both reach the Point A chokepoint in the same amount of time.

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Almost since Overwatch has come out, players have been confident that the route from Hanamura’s spawn leading right over the gap gets them back into the fight around Point A quicker.

A new study from Owlero shows this isn’t necessarily true, though the route leading over the gap (which can be taken by any hero) still does provide players with a few more advantages.

Blizzard EntertainmentThe gap route is popular with heroes that have a lot of mobility, even though it can be used by anyone.600[ad name=”article2″]

So, which route is faster?

Owlero timed how long it took them to reach the Point A choke on Hanamura with Hanzo by measuring each route, and found it took the exact same time to reach the choke with both routes – 26.20 seconds to be exact.

So if you’re trying to get back to A to help your team hold the choke, it doesn’t really matter which route you take, as far as time is concerned at least.

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But, the route over the gap to the right still does have a few advantages over the route through the courtyard.

For one, it gives players an earlier line of sight on the choke, which allows them to start putting damage downrange sooner than the other route does.

The right path also lets players get to Point A faster, which is invaluable if your team is trying to hold off attackers who have made it to the point.

The route over the gap is still the faster way to get to Point A on Hanamura.[ad name=”article4″]

Owlero is a busy Overwatch fan

Besides testing the various Hanamura rollouts, Owlero has also been hard at work finding the dark secrets that lurk beneath the surface of Overwatch’s heroes.

Specifically the hats on different hero skins, which each seem to contain their own dark secret like Moira’s bald head or Reaper’s abysmal hairline.

OwleroReaper, please find a barber that can fix that hairline, we’re begging you.[ad name=”article5″]

For players who like to use heroes with no movement abilities though, Owlero’s Hanamura research could end up coming in clutch in some situations.

Just be careful jumping over the gap, because dying there would only add to the time it takes to reach Point A.

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