How to get across the Hanamura gap with any Overwatch hero

A new video shows that it is possible for any Overwatch hero to clear the Hanamura gap from defender’s spawn to Point A, but players do have to be careful.

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The gap on the side of Hanamura is often used a shortcut for players coming from the defending spawn to Point A, but often it’s only heroes with higher mobility that make the jump.

This doesn’t mean they’re the only ones who can do it though, as a new video from Reddit user Tan-Man-182 shows making the jump is actually possible with every hero in the game.

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Blizzard EntertainmentThe gap is often a faster route to Point A than going through the castle’s courtyard.
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How to make the Hanamura leap of faith

Tan-Man uses less mobile heroes like Zenyatta, Orisa and Roadhog to show that the jump is doable with any hero in the game.

To pull it off, players need to stand at the very edge of the corner on the wooden side, before leaping off for the low ground on the stone side.

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It honestly doesn’t seem like any of the heroes will make it during the jump, but somehow they come out unscathed on the other side.

While the move isn’t too complicated, it would probably be best to test it out in Quick Play, so you don’t fall off of the map during an important Point A fight.

Blizzard EntertainmentJust make sure the enemy Pharah is far away when you attempt the jump.
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Could Overwatch on Switch mean cross-platform play?

In other Overwatch news, Nintendo recently announced that the game would be coming to the Switch in October.

The Switch version of Overwatch will include motion controls and it has a lot of people talking about the possibility of cross-platform play for the game as well.

nintendo / blizzardOverwatch on Switch means we can finally play anywhere we want.
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So, practice those jumps before October and you could be one step closer to breaking into the top 500 on Switch.

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