Godly Overwatch & Marvel crossover skin idea is perfect for Reinhardt mains

Overwatch Reinhardt next to Christ Hemsworth's Thor from Marvel AvengersMarvel Entertainment, Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch already has a whole collection of spectacular skins to deck out your favorite characters with, but this Marvel universe crossover sees Brigitte, Torbjorn, and Reinhardt transformed into Thor-inspired characters.

If there’s one thing Overwatch has in abundance, it’s awesome-looking skins to let you take your favorite characters to the next level.

No doubt the upcoming Lunar New Year event will add even more prized cosmetics to the pool, with last year‘s Asian-style outfits proving a hit with the game’s community.

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It turns out what fans really want is a Marvel universe crossover, however, as a series of Thor skins designed by Xtremee_ghost has resurfaced on Reddit, taking the community by storm (get it, because Thor.)

overwatch reinhardt poses with hammerBlizzard Entertainment
A Marvel-inspired design for German tank, Reinhardt, has players demanding Blizzard add it to the game.

Overwatch fan’s Thor Reinhardt goes viral

While Brigitte and Torbjorn also received a Godly glow-up courtesy of these skins, the community has fallen head over heels for Xtremee_ghost’s Reinhardt idea.

Transformed into the thunder god himself, the German Crusader is seen in Chris Hemsworth’s cinematic universe outfit, sporting rippling muscles and a Mjolnir-inspired electrified hammer. Golden hair cascades down his back, with his armor framed by a swirling burgundy cloak.

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“Dear Blizzard, please give us a Thor skin for Reinhardt!” reads the post, with the writer noting that “it would suit him perfectly.”

It turns out that the vast majority of the community are in agreement, with fans coining the name “Thorhardt” for the skin.

“It would be a cool idea if it was their [Blizzard’s] take on them, not the Marvel edition,” notes one fan, with another suggesting that “Odin would be a better fit. Old, wise, one eye, and you can make his hammer into a big two-handed spear (they did a glaive for one of his new year skins).”

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While the likelihood of a Marvel X Overwatch crossover is slim, a Norse-inspired skin series is clearly what a lot of fans would love to see – especially for the game’s Nordic characters. Maybe we’ll see them don some traditional gear for Halloween Terror 2022, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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