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Overwatch fan perfectly recreates Hanamura in Fortnite and it looks incredible

Published: 16/Jan/2022 20:53 Updated: 17/Jan/2022 3:35

by André González Rodríguez


One  dedicated Overwatch fan took the time to recreate Hanamura in Fortnite, going as far as showcasing a montage video that made a callback to the game’s animated short, Dragons.

Overwatch crossovers in other Blizzard games is nothing new. With references to the game in WoW and characters like Tracer, Genji, D.Va, and others being playable in Heroes of the Storm, fans are able to enjoy some aspects of the game even if they aren’t playing it.

Apart from WoW and HotS, Overwatch players have also been able to enjoy references to the game on the T.V. show American Dad and the movie Ready Player One. But that doesn’t stop the game’s fans from wanting more.


Overwatch fan recreates Hanamura map in Fortnite

After nearly six months, my recreation of Hanamura in Fortnite Creative is finally done! If you’d like to play it, the code is 7237-2919-6822! from Overwatch

Hanamura being recreated in another video game isn’t new, as fans have already recreated parts of the map in Valheim. But this time around, another fan has above and beyond, recreating the entire map in Fortnite.

Using the Creative mode, Reddit user CNT_T0M4T0 brought Hanamura to the battle royale, as you can see in the clip above. Altogether, they said that it took them “nearly six months” to make.

The video showcases what seems to be all of Hanamura ranging from the Arcade and all its games to the shrine in Shimada castle. On top of that, there are references to characters like Reaper, Ashe, Winston, and others utilizing characters and weapons already in Fortnite.


OW Arcade in Fortnite
Epic Games / CNT_T0M4T0
Hanamura’s Arcade can be seen as part as the montage video.

To top it all off, CNT_T0M4T0 added a callback to Overwatch’s popular animated short, Dragons, in which both Genji and Hanzo duke it out by the shrine. They even used Genji and Hanzo’s voice lines from the cinematic to add even more effect.

Whether it’s Overwatch fans’ appreciation for their favorite game being referenced outside of gaming or their want for Tracer to be a part of Smash Bros. in the past, the game’s players know no bounds. Maybe one day Overwatch and Fortnite could have their very own character crossover.