Blizzard disables Wrecking Ball in Overwatch 2 Beta due to game-crashing exploit

Overwatch 2 Wrecking Ball gameplayBlizzard

While Wrecking Ball is known for knocking into other heroes, a new game-breaking bug in the Overwatch 2 Beta allows the Tank to quite literally knock everyone else out of the server.

We’re now one week through with the very first Overwatch 2 Beta. While the game’s popularity is soaring to greater heights than ever, the initial testing period hasn’t been without its downsides.

As expected from a Beta, we’ve already seen all sorts of issues. From hilarious texture bugs to aimbot hacks, the first week has had its fair share of setbacks. Though the latest issue may be the most significant yet as players have found a way to boot everyone else from any given lobby.

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Wrecking Ball may have gone mostly unchanged in the sequel, but the Tank does have one new trick up his sleeves. With a simple grappling hook, he can instantly ruin a match for everyone else involved.

Wrecking Ball’s primary method of gaining speed is through his Grappling Claw ability. By latching onto a surface, the character can then launch across the map with blistering speed. Though it turns out, grappling directly into the floor can have dire consequences in Overwatch 2.

A new bug discovered on May 2 involves just that. By simply grappling straight down while off the ground, Wrecking Ball can essentially crash a game. In the blink of an eye, all other players are removed from the match due to this seemingly innocuous ability.

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Regardless of what map you’re on or which mode you’re playing, this trick can flip momentum in your favor with ease. While the lobby itself doesn’t shut down, the Beta has to refill all nine remaining spots with new players. Thus, players can repeat the trick time and time again to advance any given objective and score a free win.

“I just sniped the whole server!” former Overwatch League pro Matthew ‘super’ DeLisi yelled after testing the bug for himself during a recent stream. 

Just hours after the bug gained traction across social media and Blizzard stepped in.

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“Wrecking Ball’s powers are a bit too strong on the Beta server,” the official Overwatch Twitter account admitted.

As a result, the hero has been disabled while developers work on a fix for the game-breaking issue.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted here as and when Hammond comes back online in the near future.