Forgotten spot on Overwatch’s Eichenwalde is perfect for snipers

overwatch hanzo and widowmaker on eichenwaldeBlizzard Entertainment

The quaint hamlet of Eichenwalde can transform into one of Overwatch’s most bloody battlefields, but it turns out there’s one forgotten sniper spot that is perfect for popping heads.

Nestled amid the emerald forests of the spectacular German countryside, Overwatch’s Eichenwalde is easily one of the harder hybrid maps.

Framed by Reinhardt’s Crusader base at Eichenwalde Castle, there are plenty of little nooks and crannies to cause chaos from. We’ve seen a Tracer rollout that’s perfect for getting the drop on your enemies, and a Junkrat equivalent that lets him fly like Doomfist and be twice as deadly.

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Yet another player has decided to use the terrain to their advantage, but this time instead of taking to the skies they’ve made use of an easily overlooked feature that has become the perfect spot for snipers.

overwatch eichenwalde castleBlizzard Entertainment
The idyllic hamlet on Eichenwalde is the site of some of Overwatch’s most bloody skirmishes.

Overwatch player finds perfect sniper spot in Eichenwalde

One of the main features of Eichenwalde is that enormous medieval castle, which is complete with everything from parapets to a moat. The surrounding walls also house many secret spots, one of which is perfect for one-tapping your enemies as demonstrated in this Reddit highlight clip.

Taking the stairs to the right of the archway leading out of Point A, we see Orisa wander through one of the area’s stony corridors, peeking out of the tiny windows which would have been used by archers back in the days of old.

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Spotting out the opposing Widowmaker in her lofty position above the fight, they proceed to obliterate France’s sniper extraordinaire before she can even work out what has happened.

While this player takes matters into their own hands as Orisa, this would be the perfect lurking spot for the likes of Hanzo, Ashe, or Widowmaker, as these tiny peepholes provide excellent cover and let you pick off enemies from safety.

So, the next time you’re on Eichenwalde it’s worth remembering this little trick, as these long-forgotten little windows may just be the key to your success.