Overwatch player shows off crazy Junkrat trick that lets you fly like Doomfist

Activision Blizzard

An Overwatch player has unlocked a Doomfist-like rollout with Junkrat, allowing for an amazing trick play on Eichenwalde.

Overwatch, for being as old as it is, requires players to think outside the box and approach the game in all-new ways if they are to have success.

This means understanding small details about any given hero and utilizing their unique kits to make big plays when the enemy least expects them.

One player has made such a play with Junkrat that will be sure to put players on notice next time they queue up for Eichenwalde.

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Overwatch Junkrat rollout trick

Junkrat gets to high groundActivision Blizzard
Junkrat is one of Overwatch’s wackiest heroes, but don’t let his lightheartedness fool you.

Many heroes in Overwatch have specific initiations that allow them to start team fights off with a certain unexpected move, these are otherwise called rollouts.

And while Doomfist is a hero that typically has set rollouts for certain maps, one player has shown that Junkrat can be equally as viable with his highly mobile kit.

In a post titled, “I tried the Doomfist rollout as Junkrat. Worked better than I anticipated,” one user showed off an amazing play on Eichenwalde that is easily re-creatable.

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And according to the 4,600+ upvotes, players seem to agree that it is quite the trick.

This rollout is fairly simple, but one not many players may consider. Simply use one of Junkrat’s sachels in order to initiate, then a second in the air. If you’re able to land undetected with your ultimate, you can almost guarantee a multi-kill.

This can be a great way to catch a team off-guard and escape a choke point that can oftentimes hold a team up for multiple minutes.

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But, with rumors of an Overwatch 2 beta coming as early as February 2022, only time will tell how long rollouts like these will remain viable.

In the meantime, for more tricks like this one and to stay up-to-date with more Overwatch and OW2 news, make sure and check out our Overwatch hub!

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