Annoying Overwatch bug lets Baptiste save teammates outside Immortality Field

Baptiste smiles while using Immortality FieldBlizzard Entertainment

Baptiste’s Immortality Field is easily one of the best abilities in Overwatch, so much so that it has the second-longest cooldown in the game. With the power to save teammates from dying, mastering it can be a godsend, but a bug may be giving the already powerful tool an unneeded buff.

Allies within Immortality Field’s range will not die and instead will be left with just 40 HP or 20% of their base health depending on the hero. Even if the ability, known in the community as “lamp” is destroyed, that teammate will still have a sliver of health remaining.

The key, of course, is to stay within the lamp’s radius when under threat from attacks that would otherwise result in certain death such as D.Va’s Self-destruct or Junkrat’s Riptire ultimates.

That said, a crazy bug is letting teammates stay alive even when they’re outside of lamp’s range thanks to an undocumented lingering effect.

Baptiste uses Immortality Field on ParisBlizzard Entertainment
Immortality Field could be the best non-ultimate in Overwatch.

As shown by Overwatch streamer Bogur, while he charged a Lucio into a wall as Reinhardt, the support manager to survive with 40 HP despite the fact he wasn’t within range of Immortality Field.

However, while pinning the Lucio, Bogur did send the player through the Immortality Field’s radius, managing to save him due to its linger.

“The lamp stretched out to here!” Bogur remarked while watching back the game in the replay viewer. “Look at the distance. You can see it’s the lamp.”

Other streamers such as Samito further added that, “The immortality effect lasts for a slightly longer period when you leave it or break it.”

Luckily, this bug seems to have been reported to the developers as noted by former Overwatch League pro Benjamin ‘BenBest’ Dieulafait who replied, “I already reported in OWL.”

Until it’s fixed, however, this bug could prove to be bothersome and potentially even exploitable if Baptiste players can place the drone in a spot that lets its effects purposely linger. Consider this just one more variable to consider when facing a Baptiste on the battlefield.