Fan creates awesome remix of Overwatch’s McCree short

The latest video from YouTuber Juston Bibero remakes the McCree ‘Reunion’ short into a meme-filled Overwatch masterpiece.

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The Overwatch Community loves memes, you could even make the argument that the Community itself is one big meme, but they’ve played a big part in making Overwatch fandom unique.

There aren’t any “I need healing” references in the video (that we can find) but there are layers upon layers of jokes and memes for viewers to dissect.

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The video takes the ‘Reunion’ short and fits so many memes in there it’s almost bursting at the seams.

There are references to Fortnite, the PewDiePie/T-Series feud and shocked Pikachu, all within the first 30 seconds of the video.

Things just get even more ridiculous from there during the fight with Ashe’s Deadlock Gang, which even includes a reference to Runescape, of all things.

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Echo, a future Overwatch hero, even appears as a loot box, and gives McCree the noose spray, one of the most common in the game.

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It’s almost a given you won’t be able to catch all the jokes on your first watch, there are just too many, almost more than you can even count.

Juston Bibero has an impressive resume filled with hilarious Overwatch videos on his YouTube channel, they’re all worth checking out, but this McCree one might just be his masterpiece.

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