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Fan creates a ton of awesome Overwatch League hockey jersey concepts

Published: 16/Nov/2018 0:41 Updated: 16/Nov/2018 1:11

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch fan and artist IronAvenger6491 created a ton of Overwatch League hockey jersey concepts that look good enough to be made into actual merchandise.

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The concepts include jerseys for Overwatch League and Contender’s teams, and IronAvenger indicates which hockey franchises he drew inspiration from in some of the designs.

Even the Hangzhou Spark, which only revealed it’s official branding yesterday, got a jersey mock up too.

IronAvenger6491Who knew a pink hockey jersey could look so cool?
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IronAvenger6491Boston’s jersey plays off the Boston Bruins.

IronAvenger chose to draw inspiration from hockey teams in the same city or that have some connection to each other, like the Paris Eternal and the Montreal Canadiens based in Quebec.


These concepts look so good that more than a few fans would probably pay decent money to get their hands on a real one.

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IronAvenger6491The Paris Eternal jersey really has a classic look to it.
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IronAvenger6491Even some Contenders teams, like the Angry Titans, got jersey designs.

Even a couple Contenders teams got the treatment, including Angry Titans and We Have Org, with a nice addition of the national flag where the teams are based.

Sadly, these jerseys aren’t real, yet, but IronAvenger posted all of the concepts to his Twitter page to show fans how awesome it could be.