Electric Overwatch Support Hero concept aims to charge up every battle

Brad Norton

A brand new Support Hero in Overwatch could be just what the doctor ordered, and this uniquely electrifying concept might be the perfect fit to help shock the meta.

Overwatch hasn’t seen a new Hero debut in over 21 months when Echo joined the fight. While Sojourn and Overwatch 2 are on the horizon, there’s still no concrete date to keep fans excited.

So while Blizzard cracks on behind the scenes, fans have taken the initiative to design new characters themselves. One concept, in particular, is making waves not only due to its detail, but in light of its unique abilities and interactions too.

From massive teammate buffs to a game-changing passive ability, here’s how a new Hero by the name of Arc could take Overwatch by storm.

Overwatch Support hero concept Arc
Arc’s kit and his appearance is distinct from anything else in Overwatch today.

Overwatch A.R.C. Hero design

Arc is a creative Omnic that just so happens to feature an agile kit. Each weapon from ‘DankeyKang42’s‘ design is built directly into the character’s outfit, from the attacking Pulse Blaster on the forearm to a Scanning Beam in the right hand. It’s all baked into the suit.

The name of the game for this Support Hero is intel. With advanced optic systems, Arc is able to gain the upper hand without dealing a point of damage. Through an Electroscan ability, the Omnic can learn precise details like Ultimate Charge, enemy cooldowns, and more.

Furthermore, a number of key buffs help your team push the pace. While healing is still a focus, this Support is more fixated on offense instead. That’s why movement speed boosts, damage buffs, and every damage resistance effects help Arc stand out.

Overwatch A.R.C. Hero abilities

Outside of the intricate design itself, the creator also went the extra mile in mapping out specific details of every single ability. From passive effects down to the Ultimate, no stone has been left unturned.

Below is the full rundown on Arc’s abilities in Overwatch:

  • Passive – Advanced Intel: Enemies struck by Arc’s Primary Fire are illuminated through walls for Arc and allies for 3 seconds. Arc can use Electroscan on targets revealed in this manner.
  • Primary Fire (Left Click) – Pulse Blaster: Medium range, automatic hitscan weapon.
  • Secondary Fire (Right Click) – Electroscan: Tapping Secondary Fire when targeting a hero (both ally and enemy) reveals to Arc their Health/Statuses, Ultimate Charge, and Cooldowns. This ability has no cooldown and can be used at the same time as any other action.
  • Ability 1 (Left Shift) – Covalence: Locks a beam to target ally that slowly regenerates both their health and Arc’s health. It also boosts movement speed by 30%. The Beam disconnects if you stray more than 15m apart.
  • Ability 2 (E) – Electrostim: Throw a device that attaches to target ally, briefly increasing their damage, movement speed, and damage resistance by 25% for 3 seconds. Holding the ability button applies an Electrostim to Arc instead. 12 second cooldown per charge with 2 charges.
  • Ultimate Ability (Q) – Rolling Thunder: After a brief windup animation, Arc overcharges his power cells, applying an Electrostim effect to himself and all allies in front of him in a 20 meter cone. Enemies caught in the wave also take 5 damage and a 0.5 second stun.

Despite having every ability and even specific Hero interactions already mapped out, this concept is purely that for the time being. There’s no telling if we’ll ever see this stunning design made real by the Overwatch dev team.

For now, we’ll just have to be on the lookout for any fresh Overwatch 2 information as we approach two years without any new characters.

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