Dallas Fuel Denies Los Angeles Valiant’s Perfect Record in Final Match of Stage 4

Joe O'Brien
Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Dallas Fuel has denied the Los Angeles Valiant a perfect stage in their final match of Stage 4.

Dallas Fuel took down the Valiant, who were until then 9-0 in Stage 4, with a 3-1 victory to deny them a flawless stage.

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As a result, Boston Uprising, who pulled of a 10-0 record in the regular season matches of Stage 3, will remain the only team to manage the feat in Season One of the Overwatch League.

Stage 4 has seen a massive turn-around for the Dallas Fuel. Despite high pre-season expectations, the Fuel were incredibly disappointing for the first three stages of the league, bottoming out at a 1-9 Stage 3 record.

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In the fourth and final stage, however, the Fuel has managed to find some measure of redemption, finding form and collecting as many wins here as in the rest of the season combined. While it came far too late for any shot at the season playoffs, Dallas has at least managed to end on a high note.

With this win, the Dallas Fuel does have a strong chance of reaching the stage playoffs. They could be knocked from fourth-place by the Philadelphia Fusion, but it would require the Fusion beating the London Spitfire 4-0 in their final game.

The other benefactor of the result is the Los Angeles Valiant, who consequently finish in first place in stage standings. Both teams now have a 9-1 record in the stage, but the Gladiators take the top spot with a better map differential, which will mean their choice of opponent for the semi-finals of the stage playoffs.