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Dallas Fuel Coach Aero Describes How Aspiring Overwatch Players Can Improve

Published: 30/Aug/2018 12:03 Updated: 30/Aug/2018 12:06

by Joe O'Brien


Dallas Fuel head coach Aaron ‘Aero’ Atkins offered some advice for aspiring Overwatch players in a recent AMA.

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Having coached at both the Overwatch League and Contenders level, Aero has seen first-hand the difference between the very best players in the world and even those just beneath them.

Aero rose to prominence as the head coach for Fusion University, who he coached to victory in the first season of Overwatch Contenders in 2018. He joined a struggling Dallas Fuel ahead of Stage 4 of the Overwatch League, and helped them put in their most successful stage of the season, reaching the stage playoffs for the first time. He is currently also the head coach for Team USA in the Overwatch World Cup.


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During a recent AMA, Aero was asked by Johnathon ‘Reinforce’ Larsson what advice he would give to aspiring players trying to improve. An analyst for the Overwatch League broadcast and former pro player himself, Reinforce has recently returned to competition as the main tank for Team Sweden in the Overwatch World Cup, and noted that at the highest level the standard of play has only heightened with the OWL.

Reinforce therefore asked how aspiring players might best improve without the resources, like coaches and analysts, available to OWL players. While the question highlighted those already playing at a professional or semi-pro level, Aero’s answer is applicable to any players looking to improve their game, whether for personal satisfaction or with professional aspirations.


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