Soe Lands Massive D.Va Bomb in Talent Takedown Rematch - Dexerto

Soe Lands Massive D.Va Bomb in Talent Takedown Rematch

Published: 30/Aug/2018 10:32

by Joe O'Brien


Soe Gschwind-Penski had one of the highlight plays of the Talent Takedown rematch with a huge Self Destruct on King’s Row.

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Overwatch League commentators, analysts and hosts clashed for a second time in a rematch of the All-Stars Talent Takedown.

Unlike the first edition of the Talent Takedown, which took place on the official broadcast at the All-Stars weekend, August 25-26, the second showdown was played online, meaning fans could tune into the personal streams of the participating talent to listen in and pick their preferred point-of-view.

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On the second map, King’s Row, Soe pulled off one of the highlight plays of the match. As Team Pacific approached the final point on their offensive push, she launched her exploding mech above Team Atlantic, landing a huge five-kill that allowed Pacific to walk the payload into its final destination.


The play wasn’t a solo effort, however. Team Pacific was preparing to send in the bomb as they approached the payload, and after it went flying Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles came in on Reinhardt with a big Earthshatter to leave the Atlantic team vulnerable to the explosion.

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Unfortunately for Team Pacific, it wasn’t quite enough to secure the map, as Team Atlantic put up an impressive offense of their own and eventually clinched the map in the time bank rounds. Atlantic later won the match 2-1, tying up the overall series count between the two teams.