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Custom Overwatch mode adds “boss fights” to multiplayer

Published: 16/Dec/2019 13:00 Updated: 16/Dec/2019 13:01

by Connor Bennett


A creative Overwatch fan has come up with an ingenious idea for a custom game that pits players against a boss in a one-of-a-kind multiplayer fight.

Ever since Overwatch release back in 2016, fans of Blizzard’s multiplayer title have been coming up with their own ways to play the game. Be this through custom ruleset or just clever custom match ideas, their creativity has been allowed to run wild.

The developers even played into the creative side of things by releasing the Overwatch Workshop – a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to create a custom game or even a new hero. While many fans stick to the vanilla multiplayer side of things, others are still putting in the hard work to create something special.


Blizzard Entertainment
Fans have been able to create a whole lot in the Overwatch Workshop.

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One of the newest and most creative ideas comes from Reddit user Trappi, who posted their ‘boss fight’ custom game to the OverwatchCustomGames subreddit.

In the Redditors game, players are pitted against a boss character who has five unique abilities that will disrupt the flow of the game. These abilities allow the boss to slow down time, reverse time, completely stop it altogether, and even keep players stuck in a time loop with their ultimate.

With the boss also having a limited number of lives, it’s also a case of seeing how many kills they can rack up before handing the abilities off to someone else and then them taking a shot at it.


Custom time-manipulating boss fight! Five unique abilities – Stop time, reverse time, slow down time, speed up time, or even trap your enemies in a paradoxical time loop! – "Time Paradox" by Therister – CODE: WR6S2 from OverwatchCustomGames

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Of course, with any of these custom modes, there may well be some kinks that aren’t fully figured out, meaning it might just be a case of trial and error before you get a seemingly flawless run at it.

If you want to try the mode out, you can download it directly from the elohell Workshop page or punch in the workshop code in-game, which is WR6S2.