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Crazy Overwatch rework idea turns Bastion into a jet fighter

Published: 14/Sep/2020 1:03

by Bill Cooney


The Overwatch fan responsible for turning Bastion into an attack helicopter is back with a new ultimate for the hero that’s somehow even more terrifying.

Bastion’s current ultimate Configuration: Tank transforms him into – if you didn’t guess already – a tank, allowing him to fire shots that deal 205 damage per round, once a second, for eight seconds.

The lovable Omnic’s ultimate is already terrifying enough when you hear it activate and take aim at your team, especially without some kind of shield hero or someone who can negate damage nearby.

Reddit user Rarithlynx, who also came up with the attack helicopter configuration, has been on a crusade to make Bastion’s ult as ridiculous as possible, and their latest monstrosity literally transforms it into an A-10 Warthog ground-attack aircraft.


I gave Bastion a new Ultimate Ability (A-10 Warthog) from Overwatch

Drawing on our knowledge from back in the Battlefield 4 days, the A-10 is a ground attack aircraft purpose-built to destroy tanks and vehicles with missiles and a minigun right on the nose. Pretty similar to a flying Bastion in Turret form if you think about it.

This is exactly how Rarithlynx “transformed” the hero into the jet, by giving the turret a flight ability to soar over the battlefield similar to Echo, but a lot faster and with a chaingun blasting in front. You can shoot missiles during it as well, because… why not?

Even though this rework wasn’t done with the Unity engine and not in Overwatch, it’s sure to inspire plenty of people to try and create their own in the Workshop and rain down death with the DPS hero in custom games.


Bastion shooting in jet form
Just imagine strafing the map with Bastion and dropping bombs on any Mei you see.

After going viral on Reddit, it was only a matter of days before Rarithlynx’s attack helicopter Bastion idea made it’s way to the Workshop, and based on how quickly players seem to be churning out their own wild mods with the powerful toolkit, we wouldn’t count on this one taking very long either.

Strafing the map and leaving a smoking crater where that annoying Mei once stood and taunted you sounds extremely appealing, so hopefully, this version of Bastion’s ult gets added to the custom game queue sooner rather than later.