Crazy Overwatch play shows why being backfilled isn’t always a bad thing

Meg Bethany Koepp
Blizzard Entertainment

Being thrown into a backfill match in Overwatch may prove to be frustrating to some, but one skilled player has shown that it might not always mean an instant loss.

Being backfilled in Overwatch means that you’re automatically put into a game that’s already underway to fill up a slot on a team after another player has either quit or disconnected.

Many people don’t like this due to the fact that the team they’re put on is often losing and at a disadvantage, but one insane play proves that sometimes, the match can be turned around – even with mere seconds left to spare.

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Genji saves the day

After being filtered into a Temple of Anubis game with just 25 seconds left on the clock, Reddit user ‘ilovepinkk’ selected Genji and sprinted off out of the spawn room in hopes of making it to the objective in time.

He ran up and over a wall, before he encountered an enemy D.Va and Baptiste perched above the archway to the second capture point.

Being aggressive, the cyborg ninja raced up there and scared them off, before he dashed and pushed his way to the objective.

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There, the player used his shurikens to take out Baptiste and the D.Va’s mech, before finishing off the baby Korean with his Swift Strike ability.

The Genji then narrowly managed to jump over an opposing Hanzo’s Dragonstrike ultimate, before landing in front of him and finishing the Japanese mercenary off.

He then managed to get the jump on a scoping Widowmaker before hopping back onto the point, where his team were awarded with a sweet victory.

Blizzard Entertainment
At least you’ll get some backfill XP either way.

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If anything, the clip goes to show that players shouldn’t give up hope too quickly if dumped into a backfill match – you never know, you might just be the savior to turn things around.

And if not, well, you’ll still be rewarded with some sweet XP for your efforts, so at least there’s that.