Confusing Overwatch glitch is stopping Genji players from dealing damage

Brad Norton
Overwatch Genji Ultimate

[jwplayer p9g5um21]Genji players already have it rough in Overwatch, but a newly discovered bug could make things even worse, as his iconic dash isn’t quite working as intended.

Genji’s Swift Strike ability is absolutely vital to his overall kit in Overwatch. Every ability can blend seamlessly together with this dash acting as a link between them all. If you’re a true DPS expert, timing his movements with other cooldowns will be second nature.

Unfortunately, a new issue may just throw you for a loop. While the lunge attack is supposed to deal damage with anything in Genji’s path, there’s a new inconsistency. Players may no longer be able to damage anything within a 15 meter distance.

At the very end of the strike, enemies should still display that they’ve been impacted by the blade. A visual cue will appear around them as Genji’s strike connects. However, this indicator is still appearing even when damage isn’t dealt.

While testing the hero in the Practice Range, Reddit user ‘Capnthomas’ noticed something suspicious on July 9. Training Bots would appear to be impacted by the Swift Strike, but no damage followed through.

The animation was still in play as Genji’s Shurikens were not equipped at the moment of impact. It immediately looked as though the bot was hit, though nothing happened. No damage was sustained and the Swift Strike cooldown was not reset.

This can be absolutely critical in a competitive match. Genji is a rather niche pick as it is, but having his chain of eliminations cut short by this bug could outright cost you a game.

Typically, if a single enemy is low but they’re surrounded by the rest of their team, Genji is the best pick. He can dash in, get the pick, and quickly dash back to safety. With this new issue in play, that very same play could now get you killed for absolutely no value.

Overwatch Genji dash through Tracer
Genji’s Dash-reset is one of his fundamental tricks. It may no be as effective until this issue is resolved, however.

Similar issues have also been appearing for the hero while in motion. “If I slash with Genji then turn really quickly I will get the effect on the enemy but no damage is done,” another player explained.

There’s no telling what exactly caused this issue to appear, though Blizzard is yet to address the matter. Genji has slowly been getting back into his old form as more top-level players have found success with the hero. However, it may be short-lived as nerfs could soon be on the way to shut him down once again.