Overwatch 2 Gamestop listing suggests game will have physical release

Blizzard Entertainment

A newly-spotted listing for Overwatch 2 on the German Gamestop website has potentially provided new information on the upcoming Blizzard title.

While the listing does not have a release date set, the website does, and it also states the those who pre-order can choose to either have the game delivered to their home or pick it up at a store.

The site lists pre-orders for all previously-announced platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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This is a major deal considering Overwatch 2 is somewhere in-between an expansion and a completely new game.

As previously announced, the sequel will consist of a co-op campaign story mode along with several “hero missions” in which players can upgrade their abilities – something not found in the standard game.

GameStop lets players pick up Overwatch 2 or have it delivered.

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Speaking of which, Overwatch’s standard PvP gameplay, along with new heroes and maps, will still be available for players regardless of whether they’re playing on the sequel version or the original.

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With all this speculation about the game’s identity as a sequel or glorified expansion, the fact that it’s getting a physical release should quell worries about its size and scope.

Additionally, the pre-order lists the game as being €70.77 which translates to around $80 USD. For comparison, the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is listed as costing €69.99.

Blizzard Entertainment
Sweden will finally be getting a map in Overwatch 2.

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Unfortunately, the listing has no major news about the game, and whatever screenshots it features were already on the Blizzard Press Center website, so it’s possible that the page is just a glorified placeholder.

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There have been rumors swirling about when fans will be getting more news about Overwatch 2 and whether or not there will be a beta released so players can try it early.

Blizzard is scheduled to have some sort of presence at both IGN’s Summer of Gaming and Summer Games Fest, not to mention an online BlizzCon special, so we could see more news revealed at either or both of those events.

Hopefully, we get some more details about the game sooner than later as fans wait with bated breath for a release date and more information.

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