Brigitte Voice Actor Talks About Becoming an Overwatch Hero

Joe O'Brien
Blizzard Entertainment

Voice actor Matilda Smedius talked about becoming Overwatch hero Brigitte in a new video from Blizzard.

The video is the latest in a series called “Hero Stories”, in which Blizzard shines a spotlight an individual’s contribution to bringing Overwatch to life.

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Matilda Smedius in the voice actor for Brigitte, who was the game’s 27 hero and the sixth to be introduced since the original release of Overwatch in May 2016.

Daughter of Torbjórn and squire to Reinhardt, Brigitte is a support hero with a unique tool-kit, offering a blend of healing, shielding, and enemy stuns that made for a refreshing play-style in the Support category.

In addition to having a major impact on the game’s meta upon her release, Brigitte’s character also seemed to capture attention in a way that not all of the post-release additions have.

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Behind the hero, Matilda Smedius, a player of Overwatch before she ever imagined becoming a part of the game, experienced what it was like to suddenly be a significant part of a game with over forty million players.

Smedius talked about the parallels between herself and Brigitte that helped her connect with the character. She got into voice acting because it’s what her parents do, for instance, and Brigitte has a similar familial connection in her own calling, having been inspired by her father Torbjórn and her god-father Reinhardt.

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Smedius also commented on Brigitte’s attitude of drive and self-belief, but also perseverance in the face of difficulty, which were values that resonated with her.