Blizzard Reveals New Legendary Roadhog Skin for Overwatch’s Summer Games

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has revealed another Legendary Overwatch skin coming with the 2018 Summer Games event.

The next Overwatch in-game event is on its way, with this year’s Summer Games arriving on August 9.

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As always, a new event means new skins, and while the full range has yet to be revealed, Blizzard has been showing off some of the new Legendary skins one-by-one on Twitter.

The latest is a new Legendary skin for Roadhog, called Lacrosse. The skin is exactly as it sounds, with Roadhog sporting Lacrosse equipment, complete with a netted hook.

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Blizzard has already revealed several Legendary skins coming with the event – “Catcher Winston” and “Gridironhardt Reinhardt”, baseball and American football-themed skins respectively, the flowery “Waverider D.Va”, and “Cabana Ana” – quite possibly inspired by Ana’s voice line “this is much better than a cabana on the beach”.

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In addition to the brand-new skins, players will also be able to pick up any of the skins from previous Summer Games events that they might have missed, either by purchasing them for credits or getting lucky with the Summer Games loot boxes.

The Summer Games was the very first in-game event introduced to Overwatch, originally in honor of the 2016 Olympics. In subsequent years, the Summer Games has taken on a more general theme of summer and sport, with this year’s selection of new skins looking to offer something of both once again.