Blizzard outlines plans to fix Overwatch 2’s uneven matchmaking system

overwatch 2 matchmakingActivision Blizzard

Blizzard Entertainment has outlined how it intends to resolve matchmaking issues in Overwatch 2 following player complaints.

Since the Overwatch sequel’s launch in October, players have expressed frustration over disparities in ranked matchmaking.

The system often proves so troublesome that higher-skilled users place alongside relative newcomers in ranked mode. While Blizzard attributed some matchmaking woes to a glitch early on, the supposed fix did little to alleviate player concerns.

Fortunately, the latest news out of the development house suggests change is on the horizon in this regard. For some Overwatch faithful, matchmaking improvements can’t come soon enough.

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Blizzard announces plan to improve Overwatch 2 matchmaking

In a new developer blog, Blizzard Entertainment outlined how it’ll address matchmaking disparities going forward.

Users shouldn’t anticipate immediate results, but the long-term goal is to ensure that “similarly rated players” are assigned to each role in a match. Developers addressed the matter as follows:

”We’ve got changes coming to the game over the next few months which will dramatically reduce these disparities. We’ll try to find pairs of similarly rated players in each role when making a match. For support and damage roles, which have two slots, each player will be paired with one player on the opposite team. There will still sometimes be matches with a large range of differently skilled players, but in these cases, the two teams will be more like mirror images of each other.”

overwatch 2 matchmakingActivision Blizzard

The blog post goes on to caution that these improvements will not guarantee skill parity across every match. “There will always be times when we make matches that have a skill disparity that isn’t reflected in MMRs because some players in the match aren’t calibrated.”

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That said, this seems a step in the right direction for the unbalanced matchmaking that’s plagued Overwatch 2 since its launch.

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