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Blizzard Is Offering Refunds After Accidentally Making an Exclusive Overwatch Emote Available

Published: 11/Aug/2018 1:27 Updated: 11/Aug/2018 1:44

by Joe O'Brien


Blizzard will be refunding players after accidentally making an exclusive Overwatch emote available for purchase.

Following the most recent patch, which brought this year’s Summer Games, players noticed that a Legendary Lúcio emote, Dance Party, was available for purchase for 300 League Tokens.


The emote was originally introduced as an exclusive reward with the Overwatch League All-Access Pass, which costs $29.99 and offers a variety of OWL viewing perks as well as some exclusive loot.

It turned out that the availability of the emote had been a mistake, and the option to unlock it with League Tokens has since been removed.


During the time it was available, however, some players also reported being unable to unlock the emote, despite having enough League Tokens.

Overwatch Community Manager Tom Powers has now confirmed that the emote availability was in fact a bug, although it seems the emote will be purchasable at some point in the future. He also stated that players who bought tokens specifically to unlock the emote will be able to get a refund.

Hey everyone,

We apologize for this inconvenience. This Legendary Lúcio emote was intended to be available only for players who had purchased the Overwatch League All Access Pass on Twitch. It will be available for purchase with Overwatch League tokens at a future date.

If you purchased tokens with the intent to unlock this Legendary Lúcio emote and would like those tokens refunded, please reach out to Blizzard Customer Support.

Thank you for your patience.

While the emote was available some players were able to purchase it. No mention has been made of this, suggesting that anyone who got their hands on it will be able to keep it.


WWE’s Zelina Vega wows Overwatch fans as poolside D.Va

Published: 8/Oct/2020 18:17

by Georgina Smith


WWE wrestler and occasional cosplayer Zelina Vega has released a stunning cosplay of Overwatch’s D.Va after going viral back in August with a different take on the fan-favorite character.

Zelina Vega, also known by her real name Thea Trinidad, is an American pro-wrestler signed to WWE, and is a hugely recognizable star on the wrestling scene. While an extremely talented wrestler, she has also shown her love for cosplay in various forms.


A clear lover of video games, in the past she has recreated looks from Apex Legend’s Loba, Green Lantern’s Jessica Cruise, and has cosplayed several characters from popular shooter game Overwatch, including Sombra.

She also went viral in August for a cosplay that was an almost exact match for D.Va’s original costume, a quirky video that saw her don the iconic bright bodysuit. That clip has now garnered over 90,000 views on Instagram.

WWE Press Pool / Respawn Entertainment
Zelina Vega regularly cosplays gaming characters like Apex Legends heroine Loba.

With the success of her previous cosplay, Vega wanted to give her fans something a little different, whilst also remaining inspired by the mech pilot and former pro-gamer D.Va’s iconic look that is loved by fans.

This time she opted for a more revealing look, with the original neon bodysuit swapped out for a bikini that looks strikingly similar; the main material matches the royal blue exactly, with the detail of the pink strings making her immediately recognisable of the fan-favorite Overwatch character.


Her bikini top even has D.Va’s pink bunny logo stamped onto one side, which just goes to show the level of detail put into an overall more minimalistic take on the character. She points her gun directly at the camera.

Her makeup is on point, complete with the classic pink triangle face paint and a gorgeous blush colored eye look, which along with the headphones and the gun pointed straight for the camera, make for a practically hypnotic real-life version of D.Va.

With Vega’s love for the gaming and cosplay communities abundantly clear, fans are no doubt excited to see which stunning take she’ll pull out of the bag next. The Instagram post has a whopping 80,000 likes at the time of writing.