Blizzard Announces Upcoming “Legendary Edition” for Overwatch

Joe O'Brien

Blizzard has announced an upcoming “Legendary” edition of Overwatch.

The Legendary Edition will be released on May 22nd, the same date as the Anniversary in-game event begins. It will only be available digitally, and no price has yet been announced.

The Legendary Edition will come with fifteen skins, which have also not yet been revealed, although they will include “sets of Legendary, Epic, and Origin skins”.

The new edition comes at a perfect time for new players considering picking up the game. The Anniversary event it coincides with will not only offer new content, but also bring back old Brawl modes and make past event-specific cosmetics available once again.

Given that much of that content is only available once per year, the chance to experience all of it at once and catch up on anything that you missed is a rare one. The Anniversary event will run between May 22nd and June 11th.

A free-to-play weekend for PC, Xbox One and PS4 is also scheduled for May 25th-28th, which will give new players the opportunity to try out the full game, except for Competitive play, before taking the plunge. Any game progress made during the free weekend will carry over if the game is purchased, including all cosmetics unlocked.

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