Apex Legends feature could be a big quality of life improvement for Overwatch

Bill Cooney

Apex Legends is already one of the biggest games of 2019, and one of it’s core mechanics could be used to greatly improve team coordination in Overwatch.

In EA’s new battle royale, players can communicate using voice chat, but another option allows players to highlight a vast number of elements on the map for their teammates to focus on.

For Apex this includes includes weapons, gear, ammo, equipment, enemy players, structures, or virtually any point on the map and it’s a system that could drastically improve team communication in Overwatch.

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If a system similar to Apex’s ping were implemented into Overwatch, players could use it to ping the payload, point or enemy heroes to focus.

It could also be used to point out flanking characters and could be a better way to direct teammates then spamming “Group up with me!”

Team communication has always been a problem in Overwatch, and a system like Apex’s pings serves as a great example of what’s possible without forcing players into voice chat.

Obviously the Overwatch team would need to optimize the system for use in their game, but Apex uses a wheel system very similar to Overwatch’s for the pings already.

Overwatch characters even have voice lines that cover almost everything the pings would, prompts to get on the payload, take the point, etc.

As with all new things in Overwatch, something like a ping system would probably take time, but it could be an improvement that would benefit players at all levels.

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